Chad Willis’s latest “venture” is with “Bamboo Nutra”. “Bamboo Nutra is an innovative Health Supplement and Lifestyle Company, focused on promoting comprehensive body/mind/life transformation through positive and healthy lifestyle choices”. Now I’m not saying that everyone associated with Bamboo Nutra is rotten but of course our dear friend Chad certainly is. Oh and he has brought along with him one of his scamming buddies (namely Patrick Brischke) from “the good old days”. These two defrauded 200 odd investors of  USD 11 M + in the infamous World Energy Research scam back in 2010/2011 and destroyed countless lives in the process. Thank you Patrick for making your picture  available, I waited a long time for that one (oh and don’t worry Pat we’ll get it out there real soon).

Anyway below is a recent photograph of Chad (the liposuction worked wonders by the way but you really should have fixed your ugly mug at the same time). Chad I wonder how long before your daughter finally works out what a piece of scum you really are? Maybe she will never know, perhaps you are planning to brainwash her and school her in your scamming ways; actually that’s not a bad idea, might be easier than telling her the truth eh? I reckon the game is pretty much up for you Chad with this Bamboo Nutra thing as everyone pretty much knows what you’re up to. Might I humbly suggest you didn’t do too well out of this one. You poor thing! All the “work” you put into it, all down the drain! How does it feel being on the losing side for once? Of course it was years in the making, it all started years ago back at World Energy Research; back then your old buddy Blake Brischke (Patrick’s cousin – scamming obviously runs through this bloodline) was proudly proclaiming how you and Patrick were working on something really big – of course he would never divulge what is was; he was simply too scared (all those muscles but absolutely gutless).

Anyway I’m sure you’re not too bothered; life of a scammer eh? You win some, you lose some! Besides I reckon you started work on your next scam at least a year ago, that’s the way it works – by the time everyone’s worked out what’s going on you’re out completely and onto the next one. Only this time there was no big pay day for you (Vizcarra must be laughing his ass off about how you botched this one). Anyway better luck next time buddy. Now don’t go getting all depressed on me, remember you’re still one of the best scammers going around and this is just a blip on the curve, albeit a really bad one! Nevertheless I’m absolutely certain you can come back from this and of course if your next scam is successful then this recent debacle will of course be but a distant memory.



Chad they say a man’s face is a reflection of what he is, judging by this recent photograph of you that certainly seems to be the case, yours is truly beginning to reflect all the evil you have done to others! Can’t wait to see what you look like in another five years!


Here we will set out to introduce the main players in the World Energy Research scam which was masterminded by international scam artist/con man/fraudster Chad Eugene Willis. For the purpose of this scam Willis used the alias Gabriel Conde (we coined the name Chadbriel just for him). Willis headed up a motley bunch of liars, thieves & cheats namely right-hand man Jorge Vizcarra, corrupt Legal Counsel Mike Kitto, Edgar Selvin Perez, Lorena Valdez, Tony Szymczak, Blake Brischke, Patrick Brischke, Sam Barouki, Mario Delecce, Basil Barouki, Michael Manson, Brandon Francis, Daren Greig, Henning Andres Droege, Jason Cota and many others.

This was a complex and sophisticated scam which expressly set out to fleece investors (200 odd) and which netted Chad and his cohorts USD $11M plus. This figure was obtained from a WER insider who kindly forwarded us a copy of the investor list (it was not hacked like WER tried to make out). Curiously some confirmed investors did not appear on this list, therefore the total amount scammed could actually have been significantly greater.

Conde/Willis entered into transient agreements with real companies to give his “company” the appearance of legitimacy. He then used all manner of deceit to represent his “company” as one of great standing. He brazenly flew investors over someone else’s hydroelectric project claiming it as his very own. After procuring investors funds by fraudulent means he then performs a financial sleight of hand converting their interests in the Limited Partnership (into which they had invested) into shares in World Energy Holdings & Research PLC (WEHR), a UK registered company that had been expressly set up for the purpose of the scam and which listed on the Unregulated side of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Since there was nothing of substance behind the company the shares quickly became worthless.

Later Jorge Vizcarra solicited WER investors to fund a class action against the so-called defamers (really those who had uncovered the scam) via Hays Lawyers in London in a clever attempt to bleed more from already vulnerable victims clinging onto the last vestiges of hope.

Then in typical brazen fashion Vizcarra ludicrously pledged his full support to the WEHR Investment Action Group (WEHR IAG) and its self-styled leader Tod Cury, claiming he was on their side and wanting to help them and that he could turn things around, also claiming the company still had USD $32M in assets – this after having scammed them in the first place! Another tactic to buy some extra time while he placed further distance between himself and the scam? Or simply sport? It must be said Vizcarra seemed rather fond of playing these cruel games (read the Steve Shields story elsewhere)!

There was all manner of subterfuge along the way including attempts to get me to Guatemala and have me picked up in (surprise, surprise) a black Mercedes with darkened windows – no doubt they had plans to do away with me! Obviously Willis & Vizcarra were none too happy with me for exposing their little scam. Sorry Chad but if you want to silence me then you are going to have to kill me – shouldn’t prove too difficult, that’s what you people do isn’t it? (don’t send Vizcarra he won’t be enough – too fat, too slow!)

There were some very strange goings on.

Curiously many investors chose to remain totally silent but a hundred odd chose to put their complete faith in self-styled WEHR IAG leader Tod Cury.

Tod Cury claimed investors who had dared to speak out about the scam had deliberately brought the company down then orchestrated a Reload Scam in a possible attempt to get hold of other investors shares at a cheaper price; this in the light of all the evidence provided on the scam has surely got to pose some questions as to his motives?

Increduously investor Gavin Hunt (who had been a great advocate/ardent supporter of WER right from the very start) seemed quite happy to excuse the fraudulent actions of WEHR and rather curiously concerned himself more with debating the issue of whether the photograph of the “El Islan” sign had been photoshopped or not? Please note Mr. Hunt noone is “throwing their toys out of the cot” here as you suggested – we as investors never at any stage risked against fraud. In addition your association and communications with Jorge Vizcarra are duly noted.

Not surprisingly we soon learned all the government bodies are toothless tigers!

Serious Fraud Office (SFO) New Zealand – useless

Ministry of Economic Development (MED) New Zealand – never got back to us

Financial Markets Authority (FMA) New Zealand – useless

New Zealand Law Society – useless since in the face of all the evidence they are still quite happy to let that rat Kitto practice law.

Legal Complaints Review Officer, New Zealand (LCRO) – ? (we’ll see)

And these are just a few.

No you get scammed and noone will help you. Of course Chad & Co. knew this right from the very outset.

Sure there are massive problems in Guatemala but they need to work on cleaning up white collar crime too. They seem quite happy to let criminals like Chad Willis and Jorge Vizcarra run rampant in their country. In spite of all the evidence provided to the DA they failed to prosecute the perpetrators of the scam (judges paid off?). This lack of action will continue to erode away at the confidence of investors wishing to invest in projects in Guatemala. True to form they have failed to hold any of the government officials accountable for their part in the scam. At least four of their own were directly involved – namely Edgar Selvin Perez, Henning Andres Droege, two Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) officials namely Ing, Juan Fernando Perez M and Minor Lopez Barrientos and by all accounts there were many more.

More recently Vizcarra is claiming the demise of the company was due to all the money spent on fighting the defamation. This was no company, this was a scam outfit expressly set up for the purpose of defrauding investors. Oh yes Vizcarra you spent what 10K on getting your attorneys to write a couple of emails and that brought a US $1.5 Billion enterprise to its knees – oh that makes perfect sense!

We trusted these people and they comprehensively lied to us, deceived us and stole from us. Many lives have been irreparably damaged. Now one can only hope these people might burn in hell for the pain & suffering they have inflicted upon their victims – the “fall out” from the scam was not just limited to financial ruin & hardship but also caused victims great emotional distress and mental anguish associated with family breakdowns and broken marriages.

All the people listed below had a hand in the scam (the list is by no means exhaustive) – some integral to the scam, others merely played a supporting role.

Make no mistake about it, these are all very bad people but let’s start with the worst of the bunch.

Gabriel Conde aka Gabriel Conde Cane aka Gabriel Michael Conde Cane aka whoever he is calling himself this week (he has operated under many different aliases and no doubt there will be many more) was the criminal ringleader of the now infamous scam outfit World Energy Research (WER)/ World Energy Holdings & Research PLC (WEHR). His real name is Chad Eugene Willis – an international scam artist/ con man/ fraudster and wanted felon (Probation Absconder) in Michigan, USA. In March 2011 I spoke on the phone to his brother Cory James Willis who freely and willingly described his brother Chad as a career criminal. Chad E Willis is a pathological liar and sociopath and has proven time and time again he will stop at little to protect his ill-gotten gains.

To give you some idea of the decadent lifestyle this prick led at the expense of the WER/WEHR investors, he once spent 30K on strippers in one night (source -fellow criminal and right-hand man Blake Brischke).

Back in his Mexico days this freak was injecting crystal meth between his toes; this necessitated him using an an anti-fungal agent to keep on top of any concomitant infections (source – ex business partner Vince Spampinato who was residing with him at the time). So messed up on drugs was he that at one point he actually imagined snipers were shooting at him from a local repeater station. His illicit drug taking goes a long way to explaining many of his delusional tendencies.

Unfortunately you will find too few pictures of this lowlife (just the couple here on this site and a video too) for opting to become a career criminal (the term his brother Cory Willis used to describe him) from an early age he naturally made a concerted effort to shun the limelight at all times. Chad has operated under many different aliases thus far and without doubt has recently taken another.

This animal is so supremely confident in his ability to scam people and get away with it that he once gloated to one of his victims (via a message left on their answering machine) as follows – “you are only dreaming if you think you can catch me.” Chad we aim to put that theory to a test. 

For the record Chad you need to pay back every cent you stole off the WER/WEHR investors.

Rumoured to be commuting between Germany (where he has significant business interests) and Mexico (where he has reputedly gone underground), anyone searching for him should first try Cabo San Lucas, Mexico since that’s where his partner Blanca hails from. Belize is another one of his favoured locations.

At the end of the day perhaps all we can hope for is that this scum bag gets a bad batch of his favoured (at the time) illicit drug.

Elizabeth Salvatierra aka Blanca Elizabeth Salvatierra Ruiz appears with Conde/Willis in the photo above.In Mexico circa 2007 she was simply known as Blanca. She can be seen here in the video that Vince Radice shot in San Carlos, Mexico in 2007 alongside con man Chad E Willis (who was soon to be the father of her child, Maya). The San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico Forum Blog on Chad E Willis gives some insight into the couple’s fraudulent activities in Mexico before they headed further south to Guatemala to continue with their crime spree. Blanca was to go on to play an integral role in the World Energy Research Scam.

Jorge Vizcarra working at "Day Group Services"Jorge Vizcarra at Day Group ServicesJorge Vizcarra (L)

Jorge Vizcarra aka Jorge Alberto Vizcarra aka George Dizcarra served as the Director of Compliance for World Energy Research in 2010/2011 and acted as Gabriel Conde’s right hand man – another sociopath and a pathological liar. This guy even looks like a gangster. In Guatemala’s premier newspaper, Prensa Libre on 26 September 2011 he had the gall to claim he did not know what Gabriel Conde’s responsibility had been in the company and then brazenly lied claiming the project WER had flown investors over (which WER had claimed as their own) was merely an example of the type of project that could be done in Guatemala.

In a concerted effort to intimidate those who had dared to expose the scam he proposed and then mounted a bold attempt (albeit unsuccessful) to bring a class action against certain individuals (myself included) which was audaciously based on securing funding from scammed investors who increduously had chosen to remain in a complete and utter state of denial.

The always brazen but somewhat stupid Jorge Vizcarra kindly plastered his photographs all over Facebook so thankfully we have plenty of pictures of him.

Fled to the Philippines – last known point of contact – Merchandising Asst. at High Haven Spirits & Cigars Inc. at the Airmall, Naia Terminal 3, 4102 Pasay City, Philippines.

So much for him not being able to leave Guatemala, Mr. Benitez!


Mike Kitto aka Richard Michael Kitto General Counsel for WER ably assisted Gabriel Conde to defraud investors in the World Energy Research scam. Kitto was complicit from the very outset since he was present from the “Audax days” when Conde was still using his real name Chad Willis. Kitto displayed no objectivity whatsoever when he dismissed a great body of evidence pointing to the fact that Gabriel Conde was Chad Eugene Willis. Kitto chose to completely ignore the photograph of Chad Eugene Willis obtained from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office that was sent to him (clearly a younger version of the person who had misrepresented himself to investors as Gabriel Conde) because he knew full well Gabriel Conde’s true identity, namely Chad E Willis – an international scam artist/ con man/ fraudster who is a wanted felon from the USA. Kitto did everything in his power to deflect attention from that fact because he knew the scam was dependent on noone finding out. Kitto would never confirm Gabriel Conde’s bona fides because he couldn’t, arguing that they had been sighted and approved by various government and private agencies in compliance with their own strict disclosure requirements. Checking with UK Companies House, NZ Companies House  & the FSE (Unregulated side) revealed anything but strict disclosure requirements to be in place. Kitto created wild and fanciful stories claiming the “defamers” those who exposed the scam were extortionists vying to bring the company down.

More recently Kitto lied to the New Zealand Law Society (NZLS) maintaining that WER/WEHR was not a scam and ever so conveniently avoided the whole Gabriel Conde/Chad Willis identity issue. Of course he knows full well the truth since he was an integral part of the scam – he has no option but to continue with the lies as there really is nowhere else for him to go.

At the end of the day this man is not fit to be a lawyer and the fact that the NZLS allows him to continue to practice law is beyond belief.

Oh yes and Kathy Kitto if you haven’t yet worked out that your husband played a major role in helping Chad Willis aka Gabriel Conde scam 200 odd WER/WEHR investors well then god help you. If you are still with that little prick then I absolutely have no problem saying that you are simply no better than him. Spend a little time reading over this site and you’ll quickly find his lies won’t stack up. Kathy Kitto your husband irreparably damaged many people’s lives. The New Zealand Law Society, well they have proven themselves to be an absolute  joke so please don’t look to them for answers, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Edgar Selvin Perez served as CEO of WEHR from March 2011. He sat idly by observing investors getting defrauded obviously completely at ease with all that was transpiring. He continued to promote WEHR heavily in August 2011 long after it had become quite obvious it was a total scam. http://www.financial.de/unternehmen/management-interview/wehr-sauberer-gewinne-und-soziales-engagement/ Original thoughts pointing to him being “an innocent” who inadvertently got caught up in the scam were quickly dispelled by his consummate failure to address the valid concerns of investors over both the status of the projects and the Gabriel Conde/Chad E Willis identity issue. Concurrently WEHR in familiar fashion were using his standing in other areas to maximum advantage, promoting him as somewhat of a hero for his role in passing laws aimed at saving the biodiversity of Guatemala.

Lorena Valdez aka Ana Lorena Valdez Melia had the gall to claim “El Islan” had not even started construction sometime towards the end of 2010, some 6-9 months after all the investors had been told it had. Blake Brischke claimed she made all of Conde’s decisions so quite obviously she was deeply embedded in the scam. She also signed off as the Legal Representative on the Guatemalan Court documents filed against the so called defamers, an exercise designed purely to intimidate those who sought to disclose the fraudulent actions of the company.

Tony Szymczak aka Anthony Szymczak was one of Chad Willis’s staunchest supporters. Szymczak quite obviously lied when he informed us that the webcams to be deployed on the “El Islan” hydroelectric project as part of the much lauded Remote Energy Project Broadcast System (REPBS) had been stolen from the warehouse. Of course he knew full well they had never been ordered in the first place, there was quite simply no need for them since WER never had any intention of building any hydroelectric projects.

Syzmczak currently lives with his parents in lovely suburban Carlsbad, San Diego, California. It seems the poor fellow is a bit short on cash these days; he was recently observed to have worn the same stained business suit for five consecutive days. Without question these guys live the high life and possibly he has already frittered away the spoils of his share of the WER scam? Then again perhaps he put it into his new business which appears to be legitimate?

Blake Brischke aka Blake Brischke aka Blake Robert Brischke aka Blake Robert admitted everyone at World Energy Research knew that Gabriel Conde was Chad Willis. Willis an international scam artist/ con man/ fraudster had scammed his way from Michigan to Mexico carving a path of destruction in his wake. Willis was to later find safe haven in Guatemala where he obtained a false passport under the name Gabriel Conde as he set about perpetrating his most audacious scam to date. The fact that everyone knew Conde was Willis casts very real aspersions over each and every person who worked at WER and points strongly to their complicity in the various acts of deception and the massive act of fraud that took place.

At some point in early 2011 Brischke had a “falling out” with Conde/Willis. He was placed in the same Guatemalan Lawsuit taken out against those who had dared to expose the scam. Why? WER did this in a bold attempt to intimidate him because he knew too much (his own words) and they quite simply could ill afford to let him talk. Blake Brischke was without doubt an integral player in this scam.

Brischke was the guy that informed me Chad aka Gabriel was misusing investor funds on hedonistic pleasures – $30K on strippers in just one night!

Patrick Brischke is a cousin to Blake Brischke. It was Blake who informed me that Patrick was one of Chad’s staunchest supporters. Blake obviously has no great love for him because he expressly encouraged me to blog him. It was Blake who also informed me that Patrick was helping Chad to build his new scam company (conversation on Skype mid 2011).

NO PHOTO YET! Come on Blake since you have no great love for your cousin do the right thing for once in your miserable life and send us a photo of him so he doesn’t feel left out!

Sam Barouki aka Sam El Barouki served as Vice President of Sales for World energy Research in 2010. He happily informed all investors that World Energy Holdings (WEH) had acquired the Motagua Oil Refinery. This would turn out to be a complete and utter lie. It was a premeditated plan designed to lure the WER investors into investing more heavily with the company. Barouki also promised the gifted stock (the company was using this as an inducement to “strengthen our positions”) would be ordinary liquidable stock with no restrictions. This would also turn out to be a bare-faced lie.

Sam Barouki left WER towards the end of 2010 to join Delecce and brother Basil at rival green energy investment firm, Polaris Energy which was based out of Milan, Italy. It is worth noting that despite his vehement protestations and claims of innocence in regards to any wrongdoing at WER;

  • he has made no contact with the DA in Guatemala
  • he has made no attempt to return the lucrative commissions he accumulated whilst at WER, commissions which can quite simply only be regarded as the proceeds of crime
  • none of his professional profiles list WER as a former employer.

In addition all the recent feedback coming from Polaris Energy investors is that it was also a scam.

Mario Delecce served as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of World Energy Research (WER) in the early part of 2010 when the scam was at its peak. Delecce’s audacious proclamation,“I’ve never harmed or misled anyone in my life until WER” quite obviously riled the heck out of the victims of the scam. This doesn’t sound real good from an investors’ perspective Delecce. This is supposed to make us feel good? So you actually waited until the WER scam before you started harming and misleading people, did you? Most decent of you.

My second investment (USD $500K) with WER was via Mr. Delecce. Now one always worries that your funds are going to get safely to the the end but the amount of follow up he did to make sure it arrived safely was extraordinary to say the very least. He knew very well my funds were on a one way trip and he just needed to make sure they arrived safely to get his lucrative commission and then of course he was home free. Within a month of my transfer Delecce had suddenly left WER’s employ. Delecce knew something was very wrong at WER when he took that money and he as “blood on his hands”. Not surprisingly  he has chosen to omit all references to World Energy Research from his work biography.

Delecce left WER in the middle of 2010 to start up rival (or was it simply an extension of WER?) green energy investment firm, Polaris Energy which was based out of Milan, Italy. Not content with having conned me once at WER, he later tried to con me out of another 100K via Polaris Energy. The feedback we are getting from Polaris Energy investors is that it was  also an elaborate scam.

It is worth noting that despite his vehement protestations and claims of innocence in regards to any wrongdoing at WER;

  • he has made no contact with the DA in Guatemala
  • he has made no attempt to return the lucrative commissions he accumulated whilst at WER, commissions which can quite simply only be regarded as the proceeds of crime

In April 2013 an investigator sat one table away from him in Starbucks, Monterey, California where he was meeting with a prospective client. When he questioned that client after Delecce left the client said he had heard about Delecce’s services through his investment banker at at a local bank and that Delecce was promoting himself as working in personal financial consulting and wealth management for private clients.

Delecce is currently swamping the internet with a plethora of blogs that depict him in a much more positive light as he attempts to bury his fraudulent past at World Energy Research. Well Delecce you seem to be having some success but I still plan to be here getting the word out and making sure people know what you did to us. If I can help a little by stopping you scamming other innocent folk then perhaps all the time I put into this blog may have been worthwhile.


  • .

Basil Barouki aka Basil El Barouki was Senior Institutional Advisor for World Energy Research (WER) in early 2010 right at the peak of the scam. Blake Brischke informed us that everyone at WER knew that Gabriel Conde was Chad Willis – an international scam artist / con man/ fraudster who is a wanted felon from the USA.

Basil Barouki left WER in the middle of 2010 to join Delecce at rival green energy investment firm, Polaris Energy which was based out of Milan, Italy. His brother Sam would join them both at Polaris Energy later in the year. It is worth noting that despite his vehement protestations and claims of innocence in regards to any wrongdoing at WER;

  • he has made no contact with the DA in Guatemala
  • he has made no attempt to return the lucrative commissions he accumulated whilst at WER, commissions which can quite simply only be regarded as the proceeds of crime
  • none of his professional profiles list WER as a former employer.

In addition all the recent feedback coming from Polaris Energy investors is that it was also a scam.


Michael Manson quite obviously had a lot to hide. He went as far as impersonating a lawyer in a bid to have his pictures removed from the original website.

Brandon Francis (foreground) served as Vice President of Broker Relations for World Energy Research in 2010/2011. He was not in the slightest bit fazed after being made aware that Gabriel Conde was Chad E Willis (a notorious con man who was wanted in the USA) because he was obviously well aware of that fact when he chose to enter his employ.

Daren Greig

Daren Greig happily informed investors the Remote Energy Project Broadcast System (REPBS) was being manned by a WER employee when it had not even been implemented (and never was). The individual who appeared  in the photograph he was referring to (which was released through the old WER dashboard) was none other than NASA astronaut Joe Kelly from Mission Control, Houston circa 1981. Incredibly at the same time Daren Greig was feeding us that line, Tony Szymczak was telling us the webcams (that were to be deployed on the REPBS) had been stolen from the warehouse. As sophisticated as the scam was, often “the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing” and clues like this abounded. Chad really should have been having regular weekly meetings to make sure everyone was telling the exact same lies at the same time.

Henning Andres Droege

Henning Andres DroegeHead of Cooperation, Trade & Investment, Embassy of Guatemala, UK  (June 2010 – July 2012) claimed to know and vouched for WER & Gabriel Conde, presented an award on their behalf at the PEA Awards but once confronted with information questioning the validity of WER’s projects suddenly did a complete about-face, distancing himself from the company altogether .

Jason Cota – Boiler Room salesman. 

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